Living Off the Grid and Survival

Living off the Grid. Little did you know that you need very less to survive. Unfortunately, we are addicted to the comforts of life. Going off the grid isn’t easy. Why live like a caveman when you have access to the conveniences of the world? The hustle of everyday life adds to your stress and anxiety. Your physical health deteriorates. Above all, do you have the needed guts and mental strength to survive through a crisis? It could be a horrifying catastrophe or a personal loss. Do you have what it takes to muster the strength and have a contingency plan ready to carry on? A survivalist certainly knows how to sustain, if the world was ever coming to an end.

Preparing for the odds of the future, if it takes an unexpected spin is what a survivalist focuses on. What happens if a hurricane hits and the disaster is mammoth? Do you have enough supplies to sustain? Got fired? Don’t have enough savings to meet your everyday expense? These are the crisis no one prepares you for. A survivalist is more than ready to live through the challenges. To become a survivalist, you will first need to develop the mindset and step into the lifestyle slow and steady.

Steps to become a survivalist

The core principle of a survivalist is to become self-dependent. Why bother judging the action plans of authorities when you have put together an arrangement to survive through the crisis? Doesn’t matter if the stores are chock-full of produce for individuals. Most survivalists learn how to farm and harvest their own produce. Survivalists are also minimalists. The list of basic essentials is very short. You will be surprised to know that you never needed more than a quarter of the things you own to live a decent life.

Here’s a quick basic guide to help you get started as a survivalist:

A slow beginning

No one can become a dedicated survivalist overnight. The lifestyle switch is major. Survivalism is not only about creating a to-do list and stockpiling a bunch of essentials. There’s more to the lifestyle. For instance, you are preparing to become self-reliant. Trying to score a big change in just a couple of days is absurd. Think simple, take baby steps, and tick off a list of achievable things to do. Adapting to this minimalist lifestyle will be easy.

Study and know about survivalism before you kick-start

Survivalism is trending. If you are in it to join the bandwagon, it is not worth the effort or time. The lifestyle of a survivalist is serious business. There is no room for wannabes. Research what the lifestyle is all about. Get into the details and learn about the infrastructure or the surroundings you will be dwelling in. Keep a check on the limitations. After weighing the pros and cons, if the lifestyle continues to interest you, join in.

Grow and preserve produce

As a survivalist, it is worth learning how to harvest vegetables and fruits for consumption. If getting your hands in the dirt doesn’t interest you, becoming a survivalist could be a hard nut to crack. Apart from growing produce, survivalists learn the drills of food preservation. How do you increase the shelf life of perishable food items? What helps – freezing or pickling? A survivalist learns it all.

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