Big Prepping Goals For The Year To Help You Prepare


Prepping goals and preppers go hand-in-hand.  Preppers are busy creating to-do lists. Do you have yours ready? Putting together a set of goals is not as easy as it sounds. As a prepper, you must think through and chalk out goals that are achievable and a boon for your lifestyle. You can start by taking notes of the things or chores you failed at. If you are aware that a skill lacks seasoning, you can always work on it and improve your ability.


Do you get an idea of how to set the major prepping goals for now? It is worth spending time on planning ways to strengthen the foundation of your lifestyle. Think about it – can you survive without the basics like water, food, or security? Not really!


So, here’s a list of a few obvious prepping goals that are big and crucial.


  1. Food


If you are preparing to sail through a crisis, you might as well have a fully-stocked pantry. Preppers don’t wait for stores to be of service. They grow their own food and stack up produce for later use. Of course, there’s no room for fancy produce. Canned food mostly makes it on the list.


Having an ample amount of food products in stock is good. But, having the right food items is what matters. Crisis or catastrophe, your health is not up for a toss. When you are stocking up food products that will be stored for a long duration, keep a track of it. Always check whether the food item is safe to be consumed before grabbing a bite. Invest in mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. This helps in storing edibles products better.


  1. Water


Preppers plan a survival strategy for themselves and their families. You must focus on how to keep up with optimal living conditions for your family. This is where realizing the importance of access to clean water comes into play. You can only stock a certain amount of drinkable water.


However, if the crisis was to continue longer, how do you plan to survive without water? Instead of just storing gallons of water, try and hunt for natural sources of water near your bug-out location. Also, consider investing in filtering machines. Water straight off a natural resource might not be fit for drinking. To ensure that the water is clean and consumable, a filter does the job.


  1. Emergency medical kit


Reckon you are all set to take control of medical emergencies in the midst of a crisis? Good! But, are you only depending on a store-bought first aid kit? If yes, you might want to reconsider.


First aid kits available in the markets need a lot of improvement. There’s hardly much in the pile to tackle medical emergencies. A handful of lotions, over-the-counter drugs, and band-aids won’t cut it. Preppers like you must consult with a doctor and stock up on antibiotics and other medicines to cope up with emergencies, at least primarily.


  1. Power


If you have been hit with a natural disaster, chances of access to electric power are spare. Of course, a prepper has a plan in motion in advance. You might want to learn more about devices or ways to gather power for a decent living condition.


There are devices to help you score up power. A solar generator or a gas generator for instance. These are portable and do the job of generating a decent amount of power.


Carefully plan a list of goals that adds value to your intention of preparing for uncertainty.


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