Prepper Preparedness and Mindset Goals for 2022

Prepper: It is a bright summer day just like any other and then…catastrophe kicks in out of the blue. Do you feel the ills of panic setting in? An ordinary person, greatly involved in a mundane hectic life rarely thinks of uncertainty. Apocalypse or not, everyone is not prepared with contingency plans in hand. But, preppers are ready to encounter the crisis heads-on.

Wondering how? Preparing for a difficult future, devoid of conveniences is the only doctrine preppers believe in. Many reckon it as a pessimistic and crazy mindset. Is it though?

You need to have the right mindset to start with prepping. Unfortunately, preppers are misinterpreted as ‘doomsday preppers’ and are defamed as insane people. This lifestyle is not for the light-hearted. There’s no room for wannabe preppers. Forsaking the conveniences of modern-day life is not easy. If you truly believe in preparing for a challenging future, step into survivalism.

Why wait for a catastrophe to hit you? Setbacks in life can be for different reasons. Death of a dear person, also the bread-earner of the family, job loss, and other unforeseen reasons. As a prepper, you cannot afford to lose your calm. You need to think on your feet and focus on sustaining until circumstances change for the better. Since survivalists are always ahead in their planning and have a setup ready to rely on, they feel at peace knowing that their survival is insured.

A big part of being a prepper is being independent. How self-reliant are you? Can you be responsible to tackle the odds and take care of your family in a crisis? If yes, you are certainly independent. When you are self-reliant, you don’t queue up in front of stores to gather up supplies for existence. Not only have you stockpiled essential products for the longest time now. You have also mastered a few crucial life skills. Growing food produce for instance.

Self-sustainability makes you defensive and strong. You are not bogged down by governmental decisions in case of an emergency situation or a natural disaster. It is no surprise to learn that a prepper can have a lifetime of supplies in store. Stocks of food, sleeping bags, emergency medical kits, tools, flashlights, water storage and filter options, basic survival kit, and more. A prepper starts piling up all things essential early on in life.

Hoarding utilities is a good idea if you were to survive through the thicks of an economic collapse. A prepper not only thinks about a challenging future but acts on it. Drawing up a contingency plan to back on, arranging everything you will need to sustain, and putting life skills into use. The following traits are unmissable for a prepper.

Doesn’t this remind you of Noah and the arc he built? He was certainly the first known prepper. From water and food to wood and animals, Noah brought together everything in his arc. Masses thought him to be crazy and demented until the floods hit. Preparing for the odds bestowed by an apocalypse is wise and so are the preppers.

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