What Are Prepping Skills?

Prepping Skills.

When an awful crisis strikes, we start questioning ‘how did we not predict this coming?’ Man-made or natural, disasters of any kind are a wake-up call. Preppers foresee such disasters and prepare to battle the odds and sustain well. Unlike those with a dissimilar mindset, preppers are never ready to watch their lives go for a toss.
They rely on being self-reliant and responsible. Instead of questioning authorities or playing the blame game when a disaster of a massive scale crashes, preppers truck on with their usual lives. They bundle up in a secure and well-prepped bug-out location. There’s a stockpile of foods available to sustain. More importantly, a prepper spends a great deal of time learning and seasoning some basic life skills.
If you are a prepper or the lifestyle sounds appealing, you do realize the importance of honing skills. It is okay to make big purchases and scare up a bunch of tools, essential for survival. But, how worthy are any of these tools if you lack the skills to use them?
Your journey to being a prepper is only successful when you have a strong grasp of basic life skills. These skills help you thrive and not just sustain in tough times. Don’t worry about getting hang of the advanced skills. Start slow and start small.
Essential life skills all preppers must know
1. Farming food, fishing, and hunting
Relying on stores to provide you all essential supplies during a disaster is a bad call. Not only is there a scarcity of supplies, but countless people also remain stranded in queues to get their hands on staple food items for survival. One less person is equal to one less consumer battling for supplies.
Preppers are not aliens to the concept of farming their own produce. They learn how to grow veggies, fruits, crops, and pretty much all essentials needed for survival. Preppers do animal husbandry and poultry farming too. Fishing is not just a hobby for those preparing for an adverse tomorrow. You as a prepper must know how to make use of natural resources for your food supplies.
Growing and harvesting produce is not the end of the job for a prepper. From canning food items to preserving perishable supplies for future use, a prepper masters the skills of storage and preservation.
2. Cooking  
This life skill is a no-brainer. How do you plan to use a stockpile of emergency supplies if you are not quite skilled at cooking? Of course, not all food items are ready for you to snack on. You must learn how to cook food from the scratch, using less and only basic items. A meal must be edible in order to be consumed.
3. Primary healthcare skill
During a crisis, you won’t have doctors showing up at your doorstep. Hospitals will mostly be running in full swing, catering to those struggling for life. Showing up for a problem, as trivial as a stuffy nose is mindless. This is why you must learn how to tackle trivial health problems on your own. Keep supplies like antibiotics and band-aids handy. Know what can relieve you from a stuffy nose or a bad cold. Learn how to attend to minor cuts, which ointment to lather, or basic bandaging processes.
Preparing to sustain during the tough times of crisis becomes a lot easy when you know how to put your skills into use. 

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