Bugging Out Ideas

Setting up a bug-out location is on the list of to-do’s for most preppers. It functions as a safe space to hang hats in when disaster kicks in. If you ever need to evacuate in an emergency, a bug-out spot is where you take shelter in. Therefore, ensuring that the space is well-equipped and liveable is essential. Emergency or not, survivors are not bound to give up on their living conditions. You could either put in less effort and create a temporary shelter or invest time and labor to arrange for a permanent and comfortable retreat. The pick is yours.
Spotting the location for your bug-out space can be tricky. There are factors you must understand and keep an eye on. Here are a few things you must take into account when looking for a getaway space.
1. Seclusion is better
There’s no point bugging out in a populated area. Remote spots that are pretty much off-the-grid make better bug-out spots. Do you want your den to be easily spotted? A prepper certainly thinks otherwise. Having a decent tree cover is a good idea.
2. Don’t bug out in a no man’s land
When setting up a safe space to take shelter during an emergency, it is crucial to be practical. Remote spaces certainly make the best bug-out spots. But, don’t choose locations that are too far off. You must be able to travel if need be. What if you run out of fuel or a medical emergency shows up? You don’t want to move around for days to reach a convenient urban spot.
3. Easy access to water
Surviving without water is not a possibility. When you step into a bug-out den, you are totally blue about the tenure of your stay. It could be a few days or could last for months. Not having enough water in stock is a serious problem. It is advisable to look for a water resource near your bug-out location. A well, natural spring, river, or clean lakes are great resources. You can enjoy steady access to water all year long.
4. Nature of the location and threats involved
What good is the location of your getaway if the area is prone to hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, and other disastrous natural calamities? Always inspect the region well in advance before constructing your emergency retreat. A bug-out on the floodplains is a bad idea too.
5. Provision to be self-sufficient
A prepper mindset revolves around being self-reliant. You will not be able to predict the duration of the emergency or the impact it casts. Dropping into stores to gather supplies is a no-go. In order to keep your stocks rolling, you need to focus on organic farming, animal husbandry, preservation of food, and other means of being self-sufficient. Therefore, it is only wise to choose a property that provides you ample space to grow veggies, crops, and fruits.
Research about a property before you choose one. Always inspect the place in person before you call the shots. It is not a camping trip you are preparing for. You are arranging a bug-out location to survive and sustain. 

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