What is the Difference Between a Prepper and Survivalists

Prepper or Survivalist?

How adept are you at tackling challenges that make surviving questionable? Can you sail through the obstacles that life throws at you without losing your calm? A prepper certainly knows the drill. As the term suggests, preppers are people who believe in preparing and being responsible for themselves.

There’s a myth doing rounds that preppers plan and buckle up for apocalyptic aftermaths. For instance, natural calamities cause massive destruction. Surviving can become tough when a house comes crashing down due to an earthquake or people dying, owing to a large-scale epidemic. Preppers know how to battle the odds and survive in a certain standard. But, these people are not just preparing for when the ‘Doomsday’ hits.

Real life problems are hard-won battles. The bread-earner in the family can lose his job. Someone could be putting up with a serious health issue. There could be flooding or a house may catch fire. Either way, problems can make a dent in your finances and it easy to feel incapacitated anytime. In circumstances like these, preppers have the tools and the smarts to battle the odds. They scare up essentials and necessities over time. So, when there’s a dearth of supply, a prepper has it covered.

Are preppers and survivalists any different?

For the untrained eyes, the lifestyle of survivalists and preppers seem very similar. In theory, though, both are very different. Survivalists have a very distinct take on life. Instead of focusing on the modern-day comforts and convenience, a survivalist depends on life skills.

Most survivalists live off the land. They take to farming, grow produce, and raise livestock. Preppers, on the contrary, believe in hoarding supplies for future use. They gather tools, non-perishable food items, and numerous other supplies to forge through life in times of emergency and crisis. In the process of stockpiling, a prepper invests a great deal of money. A prepper believes in more and merrier but a survivalist stick with a minimalist approach of less is sufficient.

Other differences:

  1. Survivalists are better off alone. They stay off the grid and are less keen on forming communities. Preppers chalk out plans along with others with a similar mindset. However, there are a few who do look for remote bug-out locations. This is to ensure that there is minimum use of stocked resources.
  2. Preppers gather store-bought produce to last them long. Survivalists do not advocate spending money. They put their skills and knowledge in use to farm and make the most of nature.

Is there any similarity between a prepper and a survivalist?

Of course! Both preppers and survivalists share the same core value. An eagerness to create a lifeboat and survive the challenges of a difficult life. They choose to be independent and self-sufficient. Their approach may be different but their willingness to push through the odds of life is commendable. Both survivalists and preppers indulge in detailed planning and preparations for a secure future. When adversity and disaster strikes, resources to support life runs out in the blink of an eye. The lifestyle of a survivalist and the preparedness of a prepper prove useful.

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