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Prepper’s Guide.

Embracing the life of a prepper is not easy. Convenience is a given reward in regular lives. As thrilling as it sounds, being a prepper is laborious. You need to have the right mindset to make the switch. The journey from being a wannabe to a dedicated prepper is long. You must rack up essential skills and enough knowledge, to begin with.

A prepper focuses on stockpiling supplies when adversity strikes. From non-perishable food items to advance health care products, a prepper has it all. Stacking up products is useless if you are not aware of the ways to use them right. This is where knowledge comes into play. In short, being prepared is much more than just a thought.

If you are ready to take the plunge, let’s read about ways to becoming a skilled prepper.

How to be a prepper?

  1. Start small

Don’t hesitate to make the switch, simply because you are inexperienced. Start by investing time in learning about the life of a prepper. There are tonnes of information available. Embracing a mindset doesn’t happen overnight.

The more the experience, the higher is your confidence. Don’t aspire to be a pro or a dedicated prepper right away. Execute a drill instead. Start with a 3-day emergency plan. How do plan to cope with the hurdles? What supplies will you need? Can you sail through the crisis without added help? Once you battle the hurdles successfully, you are fairly experienced. Now plan for a 30-day emergency and gradually increase your experience.

  1. Stock essentials only

When a disruptive circumstance hits, you have very little or no use of inessential items. A prepper keeps essential supplies handy at all times. These include dry, non-perishable food items, packaged water, grains, sanitary products like toilet papers, tools, and a few more items. Don’t forget to pack your IDs and other documents like your medical history and your list of emergency contacts.

Apart from these supplies, you must search for alternative sources too. For example, what happens when your stocked water dwindles? There is a pressing need to figure out an alternative source. Is there a lake or a creek nearby? Also, how do you filter and purify water to make it drinkable? Studying the basic ways to preserve and store water is useful.

  1. Polish a few life skills

Learning life skills are advantageous. As a prepper, knowing your way around farming and how to cultivate your own crops is very befitting. You can grow a bunch of produce, learn how to can and preserve them for future use, practice fishing, and be self-sufficient.

  1. Create a community

Being a part of a community has its own perks. Like-minded neighbors and your friends from support groups will always be of assistance in times of crisis. You can call the right shots, share your experience, and gather tips to make your life as a prepper flourishing and less challenging.

  1. Master the skills of first-aid

A basic first-aid kit is not enough to help you suffice. Knowing and keeping in stock a few survival medicines is good. For instance, you can stock up on a good number of antibiotics and herbal options. Hoarding essential oils could relieve you of trauma.

Your journey to becoming a prepper is not a project or experiment. Each step has to be planned and executed.

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