Survival Shelters – Why We Need A Survival Plan Today

Survival shelters are very much needed in situations of natural disasters and wars. This is so as they give the best protection possible from the effect of such happenings. There are a number of underground shelter survival techniques employed by different institutions to keep family and friends safe in unfavourable situations. These underground shelters are best for disasters relating to the wind as flooding and tidal surges might proof too strong for such safe rooms.

One tip or design to building  survival shelters is doing the traditional digging. Originally, circular pits were dug into the ground to be covered with animal hide, bones, sticks, and tree trunks. The deeper you go the warmer and better for you.

Improvised versions of this structure are being designed and with effort from a couple of persons, the shelter can be completed in less than three days. Such shelters are usually built with the available resources.

In building your underground survival shelters, it is important you carefully choose your location. Features such as trees and running should be put into consideration when embarking on such ventures. Digging around a tree would mean hours of digging and cutting out roots, and having you shelter close to running water makes the place vulnerable to water seeping into the shelter. Wherever you decide to build your shelter, be sure to have these factors into consideration and make sure you adequately plan for your safety.

Making an underground shelter by yourself means for yourself you need at least a shovel for every member of the group in order to make the job a lot easier and faster. The removed dirt can be recycled and used in covering the roof your shelter. You could have a blanket on top of the supports to avoid dirt getting into the shelter. Study has revealed that underground shelters are mostly better than the ones above the ground regardless of the depth of the shelter.

An underground cave is also a form or design of underground shelter. They can be helpful in times of rain, snow, or wind. The depth of the case would also determine whether or not they can be a source of protection in cases of radioactive fallout. Before making the decision to use a cave as shelter, it is advisable to carefully check the caves especially considering the fact that some animals take shelter in them.

There are also shelters that come as pre-fabricated survival shelter. They come in different prices, shapes, materials, and such other features which go on to determine the price. They come in ready to be put in a prepared hole. In some cases, companies provide features like solar powered gadgets, water storage, plumbing and sanitary systems.

Underground basement shelters are a perfect option for persons with limited resources and the internet is readily available to help through the process of transforming the basement into a safe room that could be used in case SHTF.

One can never be too prepared for such situations. It is therefore advised that you learn DIY ways of making survival shelters and creating one out of your basement.  More on survivalism.

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Watch this video about winter shelters.

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