Survival Tools – Are You Paying Attention to the Warnings?

Nobody wants to be in an emergency situation and that is probably why it is called emergency. War situations, natural disasters and such other occurrences require some survival tools and skills to avoid being carried away with the happenings. It also means you need to pay attention to some signs or at least get your gears ready especially considering that some of these things happen suddenly.

survival toolsHaving this in mind, there are some essential survival tools and supplies that need to be included in every survival kit. Regardless of the number o members or the size of the budget, these survival gears are the basics without which surviving a SHTF situation would be difficult.

Probably the most important of all supplies is water. War or storm would most likely paralyse the system and the water available would be probably contaminated if at all. A minimum of about 4 litres of water for every person is needed and children and nursing mothers might even require more. For persons in warm places, you definitely need more than a gallon of water. The best water for storage is bottled water in its original container. The bottles should be kept in a cool, clean and dry place.

We all need to feed even in emergency situations. You therefore need some food to keep body and soul together as the SHTF. Boxed cereal, crackers, canned vegetables and soup, peanut butter, and other foodstuffs that could last for a very long time should be in your kit. Your food supply should be able to last for a minimum of three days and it is advisable not to pack snacks that are salty to reduce your quest for water. You might also want to get a camp gas just in case you need to do some cooking.

Medications and other first aid supplies are very important in your preparation for stormy weather. Your first aid kit should contain bandages, burn ointments, antibiotic ointments, and such other items. For persons that have daily medications, it is even more important to ensure you have more than enough supply of your drug to avoid running out of it in the middle of the crisis. Syringes, catheters and common drugs such as aspirin and anti-diarrheal medications are also needed.

Communication remains important and considering that it is almost definite that power will go off in such situations, a portable radio powered by batteries will go a long way to keep you updated on the latest happenings especially during a storm or any other natural disaster.

You would also need to add some lighting fixtures to your list of must-haves for emergency situations. Power goes out during the storm and in war situations but you still need some light at least at night. The good part is that some manufacturers have a mix of radio, light, and electricity making in a perfect kit for emergency situations.

Even as you worry about the happenings outside your survival shelter, some hygiene is needed to avoid falling ill during these torrid items. One of the easiest ways of getting infected is through the food we eat. It is therefore important to avoid using your fingers and not just using utensils, but clean utensils. A bottle of chlorine bleach and a medicine dropper would help in keeping your dishes clean throughout your stay in the safe house.

Other items that need to be included in your survival tools kit are first aid kit which should contain sleeping bags or blanket with pillow and socks for everyone, sanitary items such as toothpaste, diapers, soap, and toilet paper.

A very important tool not listed above is cash. There is a high possibility of banks and ATMS being closed in the aftermath of a storm, it is therefore advised you visit these places before the storm comes and get some liquidity in case you need to purchase some stuffs after the storm is over.

One can never get too prepared for emergency situations, but having the items listed above in your survival kit will really help in such cases and not just having them, but in good quantity and quality especially as one does not know when calm will return.

What is a survival kit?

Desert survival preparedness.

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