When you’re experiencing a SHTF situation, there are three main issues you need to be prepared to take care of. You have to have enough water for everyone, you need the food to last for the duration of the emergency – and you need shelter.

Without shelter, you will eventually succumb to the elements. And some people are more susceptible to being without shelter than others. Anyone who’s elderly is more susceptible as well as small children and people who are in ill health.

You can stock up on shelter products now and be prepared for anything. One of the cheapest and easily portable shelters you can get are blankets – like the Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets.

You can get these in a pack of fifty blankets. These are disposable and they work very well to keep you protected against the elements. They’re made of mylar, which enables those who use them to maintain their body heat.

In fact, by using one of these blankets, you can hold on to at least 90% of your body’s heat. Even if it’s pouring rain, these blankets are good for shelter because they’re waterproof. The blankets are insulated and the size is 54 by 84 inches.

Tents are a great shelter when you need a place to stay warm and dry or to get out of the sun. A tent like the Snugpak 92890 The Bunker Tactical Shelter can be used as a temporary or a long term use.

The tent has two doors as well as two vents. There are mesh pockets and the tent has tough seam taped construction. This tent is a pitch tent, which means it goes up fast. It’s also lightweight. The tent includes anodized poles and alloy stakes.

A hammock can also offer shelter, but you want to get one like the Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock, which offers netting. Made of nylon, the hammock is strong as well as sturdy.

It can be used with or without the mosquito netting. All you have to do is use one side for netting, the other when you don’t want netting. The material is triple stitched for long lasting strength. The hammock comes with carabiners and ropes for easy, quick set up.

You could very well find yourself needing to build a shelter when you didn’t expect to. Since it’s always best to be prepared and to be ready to work with whatever material you can find in nature, you’ll want to have a handy guide like Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties: The Classic Guide to Building Wilderness Shelters.

This guide can show you how to build simple as well as more elaborate structures to keep yourself and your loved ones protected from the weather. You’ll get easy to follow instructions on how to properly fit logs, create a heat serving fireplace, build bark shacks, hogans and more.

You want to make sure that you plan for shelter that’s quick and easy and the SOL Escape Bivvy Tactical Gear Survival Sleeping Bag shelter certainly fits that description.

This sleeping bag is an emergency shelter that protects you from the elements and makes sure that you retain your body heat. Unlike most bivvys, it won’t leave you dripping from a build up of condensation.

The shelter is constructed of waterproof material that keeps moisture away from you from both the outside and the inside. It has a hood closure and the color of the material makes it easy for it to blend in with nature. The bag weighs 8.5 ounces and can easily fit into a bug out bag.

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