Survivalist Hype and Opinions


Survivalists are individuals who start preparing proactively for emergencies early on. They are not a bunch of demented people, hanging hats in the woods, and stockpiling products to tackle emergency circumstances. Survivalists are mocked by many. However, the lifestyle is definitely not a plain-sailing. Preparing contingency plans to fall upon when the times are tough is not silly.

The chance of encountering an apocalypse is pretty high these days. Ruthless acts of terrorism are in full swing. Consequences of global warming and climate changes, over-burdening of electric grids, and baneful viral outbreaks make surviving questionable. Putting up with disasters of such magnitude is not easy. Why shouldn’t people plan for a better possibility? Choosing to adopt the life of a survivalist is a smart thing to do.

Why only prepare for emergencies of great magnitude? Survivalists draw up plans to tackle personal emergencies too. How to sustain when you are tight on budget or have lost your job? You could be stranded in an unknown place due to bad weather with not much money in your hands. Survivalism is about pushing through the hardships in life. It does not focus on getting through a catastrophe only.

What does a survivalist do?

One of the key principles of survivalism is self-reliance. When a disaster strikes, people fight for the slightest chance of sustenance. When hardships become too difficult to grapple with, individuals start blaming the authorities and the governing bodies. A survivalist, on the contrary, has a safety net built to fall upon. There’s enough food to rely on and essentials to bank upon.

You don’t need fifty pairs of shoes and fancy merchandises to survive through a catastrophe. Instead, you need food to snack upon and stay alive. A survivalist thinks up and makes preparation for the difficult future. They start stocking up food and essential supplies that have no shelf life. Canned food and dry items for instance.

Medical emergencies are unpredictable. Survivalists put together an emergency medical kit to tackle medical conditions primarily. They hoard up a bunch of antibiotics, band-aids, and whatnot. It is practically impossible to survive without water. A survivalist stocks up drinkable water for use when there’s a serious shortage of water. Why just stock? As a survivalist, you must also hunt for alternative sources of water, in case you run out. Keeping a filter in hand is just as essential. Gulping down dirty water is not really a choice.

Most importantly, a survivalist learns and gathers new skills. In a crisis situation, foraging food produce is hard. A survivalist is safe from the horrors of queuing up and fighting to get hands-on staple food items. They don’t have to worry about starving for days too. Survivalists learn ways to farm their own produce, even if it is few in numbers and options. They practice growing vegetables, raising livestock, preserving food for later use, and much more. Some survivalists go to lengths and construct underground retreats to take shelter in if in case a catastrophe reigns in.

To sum up:

Survivalists are not weird. They are individuals with a different perspective. Instead of banking on the conveniences available, survivalists prepare for a not-so-convenient future.

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